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The debut album, released on Pagan Records in November 1990.
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released November 1, 1990

Alan Galloway: vocals and guitars
Ben Stewart: guitars and vocals
Caroline Easther: vocals, drums, viola, percussion
Helen Cairney: keyboards
Murray Costello: bass


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Let's Planet Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Favours
So you finally made your decision, born from under the table
Though I don't claim to have your vision I hope (for your sake) it's the right one
Now you're on your own and not too sure you want to be

So you call up a heart politician and ask for one little favour
She sends you overeas on a mission, sentences you to hard labour
Now you're unattached and not too sure you want to be
You want to cut the cord, you want it all but don't ask for favours
When it hurts you to ask for anything
And it hurts you to leave behind everything

You think it's an easy slide? It's all uphill from here
This is nothing (it's just the start)
Don't ask for favours

And it hurts you to ask for anything
And it hurts you to leave behind everything
Track Name: Don't Wait Up
26 years (or maybe it's 7?) ... the time rolls fast and I haven't even sent you a call
Well I meant to write you a card today
But my memory lapsed when I thought how I used to say
"Don't wait up for me"

You lived your life through bedroom schemes, travel catalogues and magazines
As you sit in your silence and stare through the smoke haze
Don't wait up for me

So you spent 3 years with an ice-cream man
Knows nothing of love or the glorious plans that wait
And you watch from your car as the world slips by
Still fantasizing going to America
Don't wait up for me

'Cause you won't see me much in your town
No more whispered phone calls in dressing gowns in the dead of the night when you're out of love and lonely
Don't wait up for me
Track Name: Alien (remastered version)
I have this dream many times
I call out names, I'm calling out names in my sleep
And I'm running over foreign ground
They shoot me down, lay me out, ask a lot of questions
And I feel cold and out of place

I'm in this room without doors
There's figures all around, a lot of men in uniform it seems
Their eyes are flashing, one another taking notes
Another world ... I'm intruding, I'm the stranger

I'm the alien
I'm the stranger here
And I feel cold

I'm out of place, I'm out of touch
I really don't know anything
They probably think that I'm American
They would be so wrong
Track Name: Lesson Learned
See me as I am and I am as you see me
A time ago this would not have been me
A time ago when strangers met
And met again before a lesson learned

I thought the way was set, that roads ran straight and corners turned
You laid a bet that I'd get my fingers burned
You knew I had to learn
I had to hurt again before a lesson learned

You knew me well, we've talked a thousand times
But still times have changed
And we talk but our lives have re-arranged
Track Name: Big Blow
There's a big sea running, waves break all over the wall
I watch the seagulls hang-gliding, facing into a northerly squall
And I button up my coat, tread the wooden steps down to the shore
I shout into the wind, take your letter and read it once more

These kind of times ...
Battle elements and find it's a big blow when you can't decide
This type of scene that you've walked through in your dreams
It's a big blow every way you turn
Big blow

I live by the waterfront, I watch the tugs go back and forth
They're taking out the line, container ship arrives from up north
I'm thinking of your words, trying to read between the lines
As I jump down to the beach the sands whips into my eyes
Track Name: This Loud Silence
See you listening, zeroing in
You don't like what you hear

Can you feel it? Will you change it?
Or will you keep on talking, talking?

To drown out this loud silence

Can't stand to be on your own
Who's that in the mirror?

You know you are always looking
Always looking for ...
Track Name: There Is No Time
Was down by the docks, sea-mist was swirling in
Our breath sending out smoke signals in the cold night air
And I'm standing still, I'm feeling shaky and slim
She speaks of opportunity, says "Everyone has a price"
And I ask about chances missed and ask
"Will they ever come, will they?"

She said "Love can be oceans away, it can be in your backyard"
"Love can leave you hungry and thin
Or it can hide on a mountain road"
There is no time that is not right
A day is a day is a night etc and you can conjour up
And live your wildest dreams or sleep with the light on
There is no time

There is no time that is not right
Track Name: The Only One
Look at him waiting for her
Look at her waiting for him

Doesn't he know she will never see?
Doesn't he see he will never be the one she loves?

Look at him aching for her
Look at her faking for him
Track Name: Disappearing
After reading old history books
The pupils never seeem to learn
We've all gone out to play
Haven't got a teacher
We are disappearing

Stay inside from the rain
See - it makes the trees burn
Men playing powerful game
With a medicine that doesn't work
We are disappearing, slowly disappearing

Inside the houses and in the desert
In the motor cars and in the cities

We are throwing all life out the windows and doors
When the lights all go down on the politics of love
We start disappearing, slowly disappearing

Talking with generations
Speaking with survivors
They all want the message out
And it's written on their t-shirts
We are disappearing, slowly disappearing

And on the airlines and in the prisons
In the stadiums and on television
Track Name: Safe On The Ground
I'm in the room and then you walk in
Don't you know there's nothing to say at all?
Any wonder ...
I'm so tired of petty talking, so tired of these conversations
Any wonder ...

Safe on the ground

You don't want or seem to notice
Ignorance is really no bliss at all
Any wonder, that?
I never had a penny in the safe
I never had a reason to be where you are
Safe on the ground
Track Name: Blood Of One
The blood of one
A taste of fear
A pale white face

Living under the shelter of a nuke umbrella
Trying hard to see through the cruel black haze
Hi ho, take cover in an open silo
Take a last quick look before she blows

The blood of one (the blood of some)
A taste of fear (in hearts so numb)
A pale white face (the cruel sun)

Living in the shelter of these islands
Trying hard to see above the waves
Hi ho, don't you love it in paradise?
Take a last quick look before she fades ...

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