Loving Tongues

by Let's Planet

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The second album from Let's Planet, released on Pagan Records.
See www.letsplanet.rocks


released November 1, 1993

Alan Galloway: vocals and guitars
Caroline Easther: vocals, drums
Murray Costello: bass
Jules Munro: guitars
Ruth Shwer: cello on 'Anything You Want'
Produced by Nick Bollinger


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Let's Planet Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Arm And A Leg
Hold on, I'm not finished ... I've got a lot more talking to do
Come and go like a stray animal
Come and go (you've got me worried)
You've lost your way and your indecision is costing everyone

Hang your hat on the nearest handle
Lay your head on a railway line
What's it to be? Calm or scandal? Or run to me in the nick of time?
You've lost your way and your indecision is costing everyone
Track Name: There's Something Here
You said "It's certain disaster if we start"
I said "There's not as much danger in the dark"
So you poured another drink, stared down at your feet
Said "The chemistry's not what it should be. Besides, I need to sleep"

I'd seen you before at parties and things
Putting lipstick on in the mirror between drinks
Now this heart's on fire, I can't save it for another day and it's wintertime
I want to face the dawn with the ability to sigh

There's something here that's moving me round
I feel like an astronaut when he's leaving the ground for the first time

I'm not faceless nova that's falling though the air ...
Track Name: Like A Child
Hang around like a child, pester me night and day
Get into my brain like a virus or a migraine
Settle down in me like a rock into the sea
Or the end into a story
Where are you when I need you?

Say what's on your mind, you don't mean to leave me hanging I know
But you can't (and I can't) find the right words on this telephone
Speak to me - this is everything I've ever known
And everything I've wanted
Where are you when I need you?

This everything I've never known
Where are you when I need you?
Track Name: Shadow
I was walking through the valley of lonely hearts
When I looked up and saw your name carved in rock
There was a hot wind blowing from the desert beyond
I was looking for proof and evidence
Some kind of sign that would keep me going on

You're not lost forever
If you've thought of no-one else, then I want you

You were living in the shadow of someone else's heart
Staying up late at night trying to get back to the start
You said it was like making love on bits of broken glass
And you would say "This is not the time or place"
And that "Love is just a hazard to your health"

You could say so - there's nothing here, like always
Except the perfect truce, to take away with you
Track Name: As Far As We Go
Tonight I'll walk beneath the southern stars again
I'll think of letters written that I never intended to send
All this and more, on the sea wall I sit and bite my lip
I watch reflecting lights of a passing ship

I'll wear my shades again. long after the sun's gone down
I don't want no one to see the state my eyes are in
I read the latest postcard, saw all there was to know
That's barely enough for me, as far as we go

I read the latest postcard, saw the lipstick kiss
That's barely enough for me, as far as we go

I've got outrageous hopes and habits
You've got a memory like a forest
And there's secrets, a few skeletons hanging around
That's barely enough for me, as far as we go
Track Name: Heart Of The Matter
Your life is a battle. That's what you told me
No beauty unfolds there, your senses are empty
You stand in a valley, the sides are of stone
The riverbed is empty and you are alone

However it seems, somebody here knows different
Somebody's found the truth here
The heart of the matter

Doesn't matter what you hear, or what you see in the end
From the lips of a stranger, in the eyes of a friend
The hills will keep rolling, the moon will shine on
And you'll be left holding the ashes of your soul
Track Name: Contrary
You say "Yes"; you mean "No"
You say "Stop"; you mean "Go"
You say "Fast"; you really mean "Slow"
You ask "Why?" when you know
You say "Goodbye ..."

You laugh when you should cry
You fall when you should fly
You give up when you really should try
You ask, when you know why
You say "Goodbye ..."
Track Name: The One That's left
Foot in the door and you want it all
I like to be where no-one can follow
You're hot, you're cold (probably immoral)
Do you want to be the one that's left?

Twenty minutes and the kitchen's bare
You clean me out and let in the cold air
You're out, you're in (you're the tourist)
Do you want to be the one that's left?

And say that you want it all and have to be where you can't fall
Say that if that's the end you'll never feel the same tomorrow

I'm the agent that was sent downstream
I'm taking notes and having strange dreams
My list, your kiss, my intentions
Do you want to be the one that's left?

Say, ah, what's the word?
That means you'll leave it all until tomorrow ...
Track Name: So Mad
It's your world, this is your world
This is mine, there is no denying
No talk, no talking
Let me in, let me in

Mad, it's so mad, it's easy to ignore it
Mad, it's so mad, but still we adore it

So we watch and we wait
By night and by day
No talk, no talking
Let me in, let me in
Track Name: Anything You Want
You could take a train to the suburbs
You could write a story in the dark
You could learn another language
You could break someone's heart
You could live in another country
You could die for a cause

You could learn to have some fun
You could die, not knowing ...
You could learn to love someone
You could die, not knowing ...
You can do anything you want

You could write a letter to the paper
You could sell everything
You could spend your life in a factory
You could just give in
You could kill a man
You could bury him in the sand
Track Name: Venusia
All crazed out, with nowhere to go
You're down by the jetty wearing your travelling clothes
And it's such a pity that that little bit of wisdom passed over your head
And those words in the kitchen ... I never meant all I said

For a moment we were strangers but that didn't last
Humbled by your desire, taken back by your glance
Was I tempted by fate? Or you at the bedroom door?
As the sky turns to night I see you sparkle once more

Ah, Venusia waits for me
Shines like a diamond on the dark blue sea

Was I tempted by fate? Or you at the bedroom door?
When the sky turns to night (as the saying goes)
Will you sparkle once more?

You're wearing the same clothes and you're stealing again
And if I was thief then the same goes for me, in the end ...
Track Name: Riverflats
She threw out everything she was trying to forget
In an effort to begin again, in a frenzy of regret
She had no answers then ... no questions now

The picture of the riverflats hung above their bed
Her best friend was the artist, her best friend painted it
She destroyed it in a fit, she smashed and burned it
So she only wonders when she'll feel good again

She dreams about rejection, but these days, not so much
She's better at affection and softer to the touch
She had no ... she has no questions
She only wonders when she'll feel good again
Track Name: Gone
I was thinking back to the time with the make-up and madness
Like old 30s movie stars - eye-shadowed cowboys all
And you were at your best when you were gone ... away with the angels

Walking the tightrope narrow line we were selling ourselves short
A kiss on your mind was a kiss in the dark
You had a taste all of your own - let's take a photo and send it home

Gone, gone, gone ... I can never erase it
Pretty gone, gone, gone ... forever contagious

I was looking over some of your crimes, pencil drawings and postcards
And not-so-anonymous Valentines you sent from out in the rain
Nothing ever stays the same

When you're gone, gone, gone ... away with the angels
Pretty gone, gone, gone ... forever contagious
Gone, gone, gone ... you're one of the angels
Track Name: Oasis
So I woke up lying in an oasis, I was not thinking straight
You were there, asleep on a pillow, light shone on your face
The sun was climbing high in the blue desert sky

So I stood up, looked around the oasis (I was searching for clues)
There was no sign of life, nothing here moving
Just something to lose
I walked to the waterhole, cupped my hand for a drink
You awoke so serious, I didn't have time to think

I could stay to the end and not be lonely here

So I woke up lying in an oasis, I was probably free
You were there - out in the distance, so hard to see
The sun was climbing high into the blue desert sky
And the wind it blew so serious, I couldn't see why

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